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page-header-lifestyle-copyPINIf you’re looking for something a little more posed, but still candid, a lifestyle session is for you. We’ll spend 1-2 hours together at a local park (or other location) playing, being silly, doing a little bit of posing, but mostly just being together. Depending on the ages of your children, I’ll have you play little games, answer questions, and move around. Expect to laugh a lot and we’ll capture some magic.

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Graeme – Portland Newborn Photography

And then every single thing changes, and you’re parents. And it’s hard and you’re so so tired.

Everett David – Portland Newborn Photography

Then love shook my heart like the wind on the mountain rushing over the oak trees. – Sappho Sometimes I have no

Portland candid family photography

The Harpers – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

Beautiful day. Beautiful girls. Beautiful friend. You’ve all seen Courtney before. Engagement, wedding, maternity

Portland family photography

Misty, Alice & Willa – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

You’ll recognize these sweet girls from their Day in the Life Session and their recent Mothering Mini Session.

Portland natural kid photography

The Campbells – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

I was so excited when Angel and I managed to find a time that worked for a little family session. I met her a few years

Hillary and Theo – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

“Sometimes when you pick up your child you can feel the map of your own bones beneath your hands, or smell the scent of

Emma and Her Daughters – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

This was mostly a Mothering Mini Session, with just a little bit of Dad snuck in there. Emma has taken a couple of Moms

The Wentz Family – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

Elaina was one of my son’s first friends. We met her in our PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support) group when

Sara, Nick & Sam – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

I sure have been lucky in the repeat client department lately! Sara, Nick and Sam have been in front of my lens more

The Fleckensteins – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

I try to go into every session with an open mind and no expectations of what kind of images I’ll create or what

Sara and Kalina – Portland Mother Daughter Photography

Time goes so fast, doesn’t it? It seems like two seconds ago that I was shooting Sara’s engagement images.

The Shindler Family – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

It’s so much fun going through and editing all of these sessions. Every single family has different

Mia, Mike & Mikaela – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

I just love repeat clients so much! I mean obviously it’s a great thing when someone wants to work with you

The Lopez Family – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

You probably recognize three of these four faces…You’ve seen them in both a Day in the Life and a Lifestyle

The Haynes Family – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

I started mentoring Rachel about a year ago. When she approached me, I knew I loved her work. She’s got a natural

Peri, Jesse and Magnolia – Portland Lifestyle Maternity Photography

I bumped this session to the front of the editing list (which I never do!)…because, being super pregnant myself,

Becky, Alice & Willa – Portland Mother Daughter Photography

I will never get enough of this family in front of my camera. All three of these ladies are stunningly beautiful and so

The Dahlin Family – Portland Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Benjamin, it was such an honor to meet you. I love your family so so much and you have completed them. I

The Ward Family – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

It took a long time to make this session happen, but I’m so glad we waited! What a beautiful day we got to work

The Hermrecks – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

You may recognize this sweet family from their Spring session this year. Except Little Man is much bigger, much busier

The Vitranos – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

A great friend connected me with this sweet family. Great people know great people (thanks Emilie!). These kids were

The Judge Family – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

This sweet girl’s face! She was killing me with all of her expressions and I loved watching her snuggle her

The Voelkers – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

It is always SO much fun to photograph and old friend. I’ve known Sibyl since high school, but we haven’t

Mikaela – Portland Lifestyle Family Photography

Oh how it rained on this day! But we made the best of it, and even found a rainbow (of sorts) at the end. You might