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30 Day Blog Challenge

Those of you who have followed my blog so far know, there hasn’t been much to follow.  While I LOVE to write I, for some reason, couldn’t think of anything to say or didn’t have time or whatever other excuse popped into my head at the time.  My posts have been sporadic at best.  And, although I promised over and over again to remedy this problem, I just haven’t done it.  The funny part is, I know once I get going I’ll love it!

It sort of reminds me of the promise I make to myself every month or two to “really start working out again.  To get back on my game and get really fit again.”  Hmmm… (I may or may not be eating Girl Scout cookie while writing this.  Shut up.  I know you can’t resist Samoas either!)  Despite the lack of current motivation, about two years ago I had a giant success.  I decided that I wanted to do a Couch to 5k program.  I was plagued by the photos of my recent trip to Hawaii (do I really look like that in a swim suit?!) and wanted to get in better shape.  I began the program slowly and with a head full of excuses, but just kept pushing through them…and somewhere along the line the girl who couldn’t even run a mile decided she needed to run a half marathon.  And I was going to ride this wave of motivation right through it.  I decided to employ the “30 days to make a habit” philosophy and do some sort of workout every day for 30 days.  Well, I did that and kept going.  40 days, 50, 75, all the way to 100 consecutive days of workouts.  And I completed my half marathon (see not-so-attractive, but an excellent memory photo below)…and then another one.   I lost 35 pounds.  And I never felt better.

And so the idea is this (borrowed from another photographer who I can’t think of at the moment…hopefully it will come to me so I can correct this!):  I am going to ride the “30 days to make a habit” philosophy once again, but this time when it comes to blogging.  So expect some action here (finally!).

The Rules:

  1. I must blog for 30 consecutive days
  2. No crap content. All blog entries need to be thoughtful.
  3. If I miss a day I have to feature another blogger and a post of their choice.

And that’s it!  I’d love to have a “training partner”!  If you’re interested in doing your own 30 day blog challenge, get in touch!   Anyone is welcome, and I’m extra interested in other wedding industry professionals.

ETA: The lovely Alex from Alex Beaton Photography in England will be joining me!  She’s a killer photographer (and even more amazing, she’s only 22!)  Check her out!  Anyone else want to join us?



  • March 19, 2012 - 8:51 pm

    JamieY - What a great goal! Coming up with blog posts is tough work. I look forward to reading them.ReplyCancel

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