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Happy Father’s Day!

My business allows me to see inside the lives of families. To feel along with them the love and the

Mother’s Day Giveaway!

**UPDATE: So many special mamas (and others) entered that I couldn’t resist choosing two! The

a look back on 2013

I managed to make it through a move across town in my 7th month of pregnancy, the hubbub of the

a day late, but with just as much love

Happy 2nd birthday Miss McKenna Christine!!! I met McKenna when she was only 20 minutes old and

Evening Magazine Appearance

A few weeks ago I was watching Evening Magazine with the mister,  as I often do, and it got to the

Just One More Chapter!

It runs in my family. I was that kid who walked home from the bus stop with her nose in a book.

Race Day – From Start to Finish

I’ve had this post ready for awhile now, but in light of the events in Boston, I wanted to

Race Day – Before the Race

“Pothole!” “Pothole!” “Pothole!” One at a time each team

365 – Weeks 3, 4, and 5

I know I’m a bit behind in posting, but being in Hawaii for two weeks is a good excuse,

Take off!

This morning I woke up without an alarm, pulled the blankets up to my chin, and informed my husband

Happy Birthday to Me! A New Challenge…

Thirty-two is not a milestone birthday. There’s  nothing particularly special about it. But

My love letters: Dear Kyle

Dear Kyle, It’s been almost 9 years since we first met and almost 2 since we got married.

My love letters: Dear Mom

Dear Mom, Writing a love letter to your mom is a little bit different. The deep, complicated,

My love letters: Dear Dad

Dear Dad, It’s easy to say I’d never be where I am today without you. That’s true

Just keep pedaling.

Mister and I after a Team in Training ride a few weeks ago (and one of our teammates in photo

Looking forward

Happy New Year, friends! Today is usually a day of rest (i.e. nursing hangovers), but I’m

Yay Washington!! – Winner Announced!

Entering is as easy as 1, 2… 1. “Like” Hannah D Photography on Facebook 2. Share

March 2004

“Can you drive my car home?”  We had spent the evening playing cards and sipping on

This has nothing to do with photography: Color Run!

A little back story: over the last 2 1/2 years I’ve gone from not running AT ALL (we’re

This has nothing to do with photography: my tattoo.

I have memories of my mom singing to us.  In the car, in the kitchen, instead of talking.

What I Learned From 30 Days of Blogging…

What I learned from 30 days (give or take) of blogging: I don’t always have something to

You Make Me So Very Happy.

This week I had a shoot.  My favorite kind.   A couple.  I’ve been wanting to write about

She’s a wild one.

I missed a day.  Sorry, friends.  I’ve been deeply immersed in the to do list of the upcoming

if you knew you could not fail…

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Just about every program I’ve worked

Musings from my Corner…

The most inspired, dedicated, ambitious people are also the weirdest.  In a good way.  Just watch

Shake it up, shake it up!

Mister and I have been talking a lot lately about doing things differently.  As far as dates go