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Support a photographer in need…

One of my sister’s best friends posted this on Facebook…I thought I should share.

“I have a favor to ask from my family and friends~ A dear friend of mine, who watches my daughter, and is my Scentsy director and mentor, Cherise Frey’s husband was in a terrible accident yesterday morning. He sustained what will be life long injuries- being paralyzed from the waist down, and remains in the trauma center in Boise where he was life-flighted to. Cherise and their two young daughters have traveled to be with him until he is stable enough to be moved closer to home. I have set up a fundraiser on my website and want to raise as much as I can this month to be put in account to help them settle and re-adjust to a new life when they are able to return home.. I am donating 100% of my commission to the account and will send a small token of my appreciation to all those that order as a thank you! PLEASE consider placing an order to help an amazing family recover (OR if you would like to donate directly to the Frey family fund let me know and I will get you the information!). Thank you so very much.. Prayers are with the Frey family as they travel the road ahead..www.mollynewman.scentsy.us


She posted this picture as well.  I rarely share these fund raisers, but Cherise is also a photographer and she could really use our help.  There are lots of other fundraisers going on too if you’re not a Scentsy fan.  Take a peek here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/127280460737240/


Please do what you can.  Thanks!


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