This is another one of my favorite families…basically all of the families we’ve met through our PEPS group are my favorite families. And Bennett loooves him some Annabelle which makes me like them even more. This cutie pie just turned one and I was so happy that to celebrate, her mama booked one of my mini sessions to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We met up on a chilly morning to have a little fun. Love these guys!


Stories in Seven is a blog circle made up of documentary family photographers who have committed to telling a story in 7 images on the 7th of each month. This is the story of my boys on the beach.

Bennett absolutely loves everything water related. On our trip to Hawaii he was thrilled every single day to be allowed to play in the ocean and swim in the pool. Water in his face doesn’t freak him out at all and in the pool he tries to push us away so he can swim by himself (sorry, kid, you’re not quite there yet!). I swear we had the happiest kid on the beach. It was so much fun taking turns letting our boy do his favorite thing. My little water baby is just like his mama in that regard!



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  • April 7, 2015 - 6:48 am

    Deanna - Jealous of the heat!! What a treat!ReplyCancel

  • April 7, 2015 - 10:10 am

    Jenny - Love the documentary style, and that little boy….adorable!ReplyCancel

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    Jade - So cute and great documentary photography.ReplyCancel

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    Kim Kravitz - He is absolutely adorable!! Looks like ya’ll had a fun trip to the beach. :DReplyCancel

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    Cynthia - He is so happy by the water!! Love, love the details in the last image and the way the blue pops.ReplyCancel

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    Nick Rose - So cute! What a great session!ReplyCancel

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    Jessica - this is so precious!! Love his cute little hat!!ReplyCancel

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    Jana - Oh my gosh what a happy baby! Looks like he had an amazing time – gorgeous captures!ReplyCancel

  • April 13, 2015 - 3:04 pm

    Felicia - Aww, little B is adorable! So glad you had a great time. Love all the blue and happiness in these images!ReplyCancel

This little family is full of some of my favorite people! We met the Dahlins when we joined our PEPS group when the boys were just three months old. Bennett and Luke are besties now and it’s been so fun to watch them grow up together. I can’t wait to watch how their relationship grows as they get even bigger. And I don’t know how I would’ve survived the first year of parenthood without Ashley. This family, along with the rest of our group, are the absolute best we could’ve asked for when we signed up for PEPS! I was honored to shoot Luke’s one year photos (although a little late :)). Love you guys!



  • April 6, 2015 - 10:22 am

    Arica - This kid has a great smile! Great job on making them all feel comfortable enough to look this relaxed and happy. :)ReplyCancel

  • April 6, 2015 - 10:46 am

    sammie B - Oh my goodness! This is a beautiful family. And this little boy’s smile is simply contagious! Amazing session, great work!ReplyCancel

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    Alexandra Peterson - What a cute session, Hannah! I love the light in that first image – stunning!!ReplyCancel

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    Mercedes - I adore this little guy! He belongs to a beautiful family and you really captured them so sweetly :)ReplyCancel

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    Jennifer Weems - It’s almost like you have a lot of practice shooting cute little blue eyed boys?!ReplyCancel

    • April 6, 2015 - 8:34 pm

      Hannah - Hahahaha imagine that! :)ReplyCancel

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    Jenny - Such an adorable family! The little boys smiles is infectious, and the light was perfect.ReplyCancel

Stories in Seven is a blog circle made up of documentary family photographers who have committed to telling a story in 7 images on the 7th of each month. This is the story of our first hospital trip.

A middle of the night wake up to the sound of your kid being unable to breathe is about my worst nightmare. Unfortunately, this month, the teeniest cold turned into our first trip to the ER for just that reason. My poor little man woke up gasping for breath. It turned out to be severe croup that took us from home (in a bathroom full of steam) to the ER at the children’s hospital, to a regular room overnight. He was terrified of the nurses and doctors in their full masks and gowns. The slightest touch from one of them set him off screaming again (and the poor guy is not a crier!) I haven’t had him cling to me like that ever. It was incredibly sad and scary and just awful. After some steroids and two breathing treatments, he was sort of breathing normally again, but not quite. We were allowed to go home around 2pm the next day after pretty much zero sleep (like literally I got less than an hour). And my sweet boy, after so little sleep and so much poking and prodding, still found some smiles for me. I didn’t document the hard parts. But still I hate to even look at these photos. My heart just hurts for my baby. He’s fine now…but what a crappy day.






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    Stories in Seven | Photography 2204 | Thunder Bay Family + Food Photographer - […] follow along to the talented Hannah D Photography’s blog to see what beautiful story she will be telling […]ReplyCancel

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    Jana - Oh poor sweet baby boy :( I’m glad he’s ok but how scary for all of you.ReplyCancel

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    Lisa Baldelli - There is truly little more scary than that!!! Beautiful images as always!ReplyCancel

  • March 8, 2015 - 3:25 pm

    Tiffany Roberts - I’m so sorry he, and you, had to go through that, but so very glad it was only one day! And I’m so glad you chose to document it; sometimes the hard stuff is most worth remembering.ReplyCancel

  • March 10, 2015 - 9:36 pm

    Jenny Wilkerson - Oh poor little guy! You captured this unfortunately experience beautifully! Happy to hear he is doing well!ReplyCancel

You’ve seen this family many times before, but it’s been since before the youngest was born that we did a more posed family session (she’s 3 1/2 now!). It was a lot of fun to get them out in the fresh air laughing and playing. It was a little cold for our taste, but everyone hung in there. I am so so happy with what we captured. And even better? This was one of my mini sessions that I did to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. (GO TEAM!!)













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    Stephanie Necessary - fabulous session! I’m in love with the light and smiles!ReplyCancel

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    Laura - Oh I love these playful images! What a great way to capture this loving family!ReplyCancel

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    Dana Halter - I love these pictures of our silly, loud, loving family. Thank you so much, Hannah!ReplyCancel

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    Sara Maximoff - Gorgeous as always! We can’t wait for our mini session! :)ReplyCancel

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    Rebecca Anne Photography // Tacoma Wedding Photography - I love how you captured this family just being a family. Beautiful Golden Gardens Family portraits!ReplyCancel

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    Alex - What a beautiful family session! Such wonderful moments captured. Lovely work, Hannah!ReplyCancel

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    Ashley - What a fun, playful family session! I love how you captured their crazy personalities – I’m sure their parents will cherish these forever. :)ReplyCancel

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