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Hi, I’m Hannah.

I love pockets, sweater blankets, and broken-in boyfriend jeans – anything comfortable or comforting.

Singer-songwriters whose voices crack with emotion when they sing make me cry.  I’m not crying when you’re snuggling with your little one during your session.  I just have something in my eye.

I always have sticky notes and an assortment of pens in my purse.  (Just in case.)

Full bookcases, lists, typography, and unique handwriting make me giddy.  So do color palettes, soft glowy light, and textures.  It’s a good thing I have a numbers husband.

Besides during pregnancy, I haven’t gone a day without coffee since 2004.  That was a rough day.

Peonies and sweet peas and sun porches overlooking the water make me sigh.  I don’t mind the rain.

White bedding and floor to ceiling windows, while not practical, seem like a good idea to me.  Who needs practical?

I thought I knew what love was. Becoming a mom changed my world.

I wanted to be a photographer when I was 12.  In high school I took pictures of boys I had crushes on.  Now I fall just a little bit in love with everyone I photograph.

My tagline, “Love made visible” comes from a quote from Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet.  “Work is love made visible.”  I love my work.  I love your love.  This is me.



Photo by Shelby Brakken Photography