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One of my sister’s best friends posted this on Facebook…I thought I should share.

“I have a favor to ask from my family and friends~ A dear friend of mine, who watches my daughter, and is my Scentsy director and mentor, Cherise Frey’s husband was in a terrible accident yesterday morning. He sustained what will be life long injuries- being paralyzed from the waist down, and remains in the trauma center in Boise where he was life-flighted to. Cherise and their two young daughters have traveled to be with him until he is stable enough to be moved closer to home. I have set up a fundraiser on my website and want to raise as much as I can this month to be put in account to help them settle and re-adjust to a new life when they are able to return home.. I am donating 100% of my commission to the account and will send a small token of my appreciation to all those that order as a thank you! PLEASE consider placing an order to help an amazing family recover (OR if you would like to donate directly to the Frey family fund let me know and I will get you the information!). Thank you so very much.. Prayers are with the Frey family as they travel the road ahead..www.mollynewman.scentsy.us


She posted this picture as well.  I rarely share these fund raisers, but Cherise is also a photographer and she could really use our help.  There are lots of other fundraisers going on too if you’re not a Scentsy fan.  Take a peek here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/127280460737240/


Please do what you can.  Thanks!


What I learned from 30 days (give or take) of blogging:

I don’t always have something to say.
It’s okay to be silly (even in business).
Sometimes I think what I’m saying is important, and nobody really cares.
Sometimes I think what I’m saying isn’t that important, and then it connects me to someone important.
Having an opinion is a good thing.
Not everyone will agree with my opinion.
Writing requires thinking, and thinking is a good thing.
Sometimes short and sweet is best.
Sometimes sleeping is more important than blogging.

Goodnight, friends!

(Oh, and don’t you worry.  Just because the 30 days is over doesn’t mean you’re rid of me.  I’ll be around more often, I promise.  I dig blogging.)


And because what’s a post without a picture?



This week I had a shoot.  My favorite kind.   A couple.  I’ve been wanting to write about them all week, but haven’t had the words.

This couple was genuine, sweet, a little shy.   They have a daughter.  Cutest little thing.  2 years old.  But this shoot wasn’t about her.  This time it was about them.  They stepped away from their busy lives full of parenting, conducting surgeries, representing musicians, and attending graduate school.  They stepped away for one hour and they spent this hour with me.  They shared their relationship with me.   When people take time from their lives to work with me, I pay attention.

He was tentative at first.  But he laughed a lot. He climbed down on some rocks even though his back was hurting from yard work the day before.   He played my silly games.  He answered all of my questions.  Their eyes crinkled up the same when when they smiled.

And when I looked through their images a few minutes ago, I felt happy.  Every piece of me felt happy.


Because these two can love how they love, and be a family.  They can do their yard work, and raise their daughter.  And their eyes can crinkle up the same when they smile.  I am so glad.  The world would be missing something if they couldn’t.





This shoot was one in a series of shoots I’m doing for a project called “In Any Form”.  I am looking for models for future shoots in this series.   If you are in a committed relationship and are gay, lesbian, a mixed race couple, alternative, older, or any other “non-traditional” couple and you’d be interested in being included, please contact me directly at info@hannahdphotography.com with the subject “In Any Form”.

  • April 16, 2012 - 12:36 pm

    Anne Moore - I love how you love, dear one! beautiful…

I missed a day.  Sorry, friends.  I’ve been deeply immersed in the to do list of the upcoming wedding season.  You should see it.  It’s pretty actually.  I work hard on my to do lists.  Sometimes I think if I’d put as much energy into cleaning the kitchen as I do writing my to do lists, my husband would never nag me again (he’s the cleaner in our family).  But everyone knows that cleaning the kitchen is not nearly as much fun as prettifying your to do list!

So let’s hear it! What are your favorite procrastination tools?

I’m a list-making (as I mentioned),  re-list making, rainbow-ordering, alphabetizer…and I’m cool with that.  (See how I did that? I just made a list without even thinking about it!…Now I need to make it prettier!)


Yep. That just happened.  And on that note, I have a ton to do…and my Sharpies are out of color order.


What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Just about every program I’ve worked through, book I’ve read, video I’ve watched, or workshop I’ve attended on the subject of “living your best life” (as Oprah would say) has asked this question.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Why is that such a key question in determining your happiness?  We are all brought down by doubts, questions, “what ifs”, and insecurities.  If all of that were set aside, what would you do?  Run a marathon?  Write a book?  Move to another country?  Travel the world?  Say yes?  Swing on a trapeze?  The things that call to you from your deepest subconscious, those are the things.   The things that could quite possibly make you the happiest you could be.

So I want to know. Leave a comment.  Really.  What would YOU do?

To some of you this is old news, but I like to watch it every once in awhile to remind myself…


So my next question is this:  What’s stopping you?  How many times have you said, “Oh I wish I could do that!”  Why does someone else deserve it and not you?  Why not you??

From the movie Bounce (which I can’t remember, but I’ll never forget this quote), “It’s not brave if you’re not scared.”






  • April 10, 2012 - 9:09 pm

    Gina - Write a book. Live near the beach. Speak to tween/teen girls about body image.ReplyCancel

    • April 10, 2012 - 9:50 pm

      Hannah - Ohhh yay! I can say me too on all three of these 🙂ReplyCancel